Labeling Machines

Labeling Machines

Accutek Factory Outlet offers a wide variety of labeling equipment to automatically place and secure most label types onto a wide assortment of container types. Accutek labeling machines utilize the latest technologies to achieve the highest speeds and most accurately labeled bottles on the market.

Hot Glue Labeler

Glue Labeling Machines

Hot-melt glue labelers are primarily used for applying a paper, film, or a plastic sheet label to a container via a hot-melt adhesive. The labelers feature a wide range of uses because hot-melt glues can be used on practically all types of packaging materials including paper, glass, plastic, metal, and foils.

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Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Pressure Sensitive Labeling Machines

Easy to operate, economical, and highly reliable, the Labelette Pressure Sensitive labeling machines are your ideal solution for pressure sensitive labeling of plastic, metal, fiber, and glass containers. Pressure sensitive labelers are typically used for spot labeling containers and packaging with a pressure sensitive label.

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Sleeve Labelers

Sleeve Labeling Machines

Accutek Factory Outlet offers a number of different shrink sleeve labeling machines available for both tamper evident banding and full body sleeve labeling projects. Each has a compact design, simple setup instructions, and high speed output making these machines for use with any in-line bottling or packaging line.

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