Overflow Fillers

Filling Machines

A wide variety of filling equipment is available to accommodate nearly every type of filling product you may encounter. Thin, viscous, foamy, chunky, acidic, or whatever the complexity of your non-carbonated project may be the Accutek Companies have a solution.

Overflow Filler

Overflow Filling Machines

Overflow fillers are one of the most widely used machines in bottle filling operations because of its ability to fill a wide range of thin to medium viscosity free flowing liquids. Overflow filling equipment is also referred to a “fill to level” filling machines. This is because overflow fillers fill to a target fill height in the container rather then volumetrically.

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Piston Filler

Piston Filling Machines

Piston filling machines is best suited for viscous products such as paste, creams, and even chunky products with large particulates. Piston fillers are built to meet food grade standards and are commonly used in the food industry to fill heavy sauces, salsas, salad dressings, and other similar products. They are also used in other industries to fill cosmetic creams, shampoos, gels, wax, glue, grease and additional viscous products.

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Positive Displacement Filler

Positive Displacement Filling Machines

Positive Displacement Fillers are one of the most versatile filling machines available. They are capable of filling nearly any type of product that can be pumped. Each fill nozzle has a dedicated servo controlled pump that can move thin liquids, medium to heavy viscosity liquids and semi-solids, and products with large particulates.

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Timed Flow Filler

Timed Flow Volumetric Filling Machines

Timed Flow Volumetric fillers are the most economical type of filling equipment available for thin viscosity liquids. Sometimes these types of fillers can also be referred to as “Gravity fillers” or “Pressure Fillers”. A Timed Flow filling machine is also well suited for applications where recirculation is not desirable, such as with corrosive chemical filling like acids and bleach.

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Vacuum Filler

Vacuum Filling Machines

Vacuum fillers are a cost effective filling solution for customers that want visually appealing and consistent small volume fill levels regardless of their containers shape. Vacuum fillers are often utilized for filling small rigid containers in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries where clean aesthetic appearances are important.

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Net Weight Filler

Net Weight Filling Machines

Net Weight Fillers are best suited for filling liquids in bulk quantities such as five gallon pails or drums. They are also sometimes used for smaller quanties products that have a very high manufacture value. Finally certain products must be sold by weight for commercial reasons and a new weight filler is the only choice.  

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Auger Filler

Auger Filling Machines

Auger Fillers are well suited for the filling of dry products, powders, granules, glitter, or seeds. In some special cases Auger Filling Systems can also be used for filling viscous or chunky liquids. Any application that requires a small to medium measured amount of free flowing dry product be put into a bottle or container a Auger filling machines is usually the most cost effective choice.

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Tablet Filler and Counter

Tablet Filler/Counters

Tablet Counters or Pill Counters are used to sort, count, and fill tablets, pills, capsules, hard candies, or other similar sized products. These sorter, counter, fillers are utilized in a number of different industries such as pharmaceutical, food, and nutraceutical. Asprin, anti-acids, hard candies, candy coated gum, and even gel capsules are all good examples of products that are filled via Tablet counter.

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